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Stock Market Investment:

The Easy Way

Too confusing?  Too complicated?  Too much time to learn? We understand those reactions. 

You’ve seen the “stock market stories” that look like unobtainable fairy tales. 

But, investing doesn’t have to be a fairy tale and you don’t need a knight in shining armor. 

Here’s the truth:

You don’t need to break your budget to start investing happily. 

You don’t need to risk your life savings to do well.

And you don’t need to hire overpriced, elitist advisors 

with fancy Wall St. offices. 

(They’ll just make you feel incompetent anyway.)


What do you need to invest in the stock market?

Knowledge. Confidence. Strategy.

And you can get all of this in the form of an easy process called the Happy Investor Method ™ .

This is a step-by-step blueprint of how to make the stock market work for you.

Yes, to residual wealth.

Yes, to multiple streams of income. 

Yes, to money lasting for generations. 

 Trust us — it’s as easy as 1,2,3 if you know how

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Learn how to make your money work for you in a fun, interactive way.

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Stock market investing doesn’t have to be big and scary. No matter what your goals are, it’s accessible to you and can change your life. Without draining your accounts. Without feeling overwhelmed. All you need is the know-how. And once you have it, you control your financial future.

See The Benefits of

Happy Investing

Our clients choose to be wealthy. 

With their decision in one hand and our method in the other,

they end up with a bank account that offers comfort, security, and opportunity.

"I have been looking to make progress in my financial growth and have learned so much from Angela, especially face to face. Her aura and energy is bubbly, happy, and contagious."
"I appreciate how you make complex techniques seem really simple and how to actually use them.I love how you educate us on how to and where to find the best companies. You help me see how a quick analysis can be done using stocks other folks were asking about."
"I wanted to retire soon but didn’t have a clue of how much I truly needed, or if I was prepared. With Angela’s help I am seeing my way! I now have a plan, and with my investments growing I’m retiring sooner than I thought!"

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What is investing?

It’s planning + knowledge + resources + action that yields a positive result.

The Happy Investor Method™ was founded by Angela E. Matthews and built with you in mind.

Our philosophy is that money is the vehicle for you to do whatever it is you were born to do, whether that’s for yourself, your family, or your community. 

Meet Our Founder

Angela E. Matthews

Investment Coach & Strategist, Connector, and Shifter of Wealth

“Investing should be a way of life, not just a ‘thing’ you hear about, wish to do, or hope randomly works! It’s real and is a game-changer!

Let's Take Action Together!"

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