The One Question You Should Ask Yourself Now

Here it is: Why am I doing this?

​Sometimes we have to take a second and remember why we are investing in the first place.

Investing, in my opinion, is ninety-nine percent mental. The other one percent is essentially the stocks and the stock market itself. With that in mind, consider one area of the mental ninety-nine percent as self-honesty. If you are afraid of investing, you want to know the reasons why you are running away and, more importantly, what it is that you are running towards.

It’s really important to figure this out as it can influence your future in more ways than you can imagine. Just ask yourself; “Why haven’t I invested yet?” I had fears of failing and not being successful in the market. Ask yourself about what is it that changed in your life and what are the deepest reasons as to why you want to become an investor. For me, I want to be able to stop working and still have enough to be comfortable when I retire.

The only competition is yourself. Consider this, many people don’t invest because they want to wait to see what happens before they invest. This type of strategy can actually hurt your chances of making profit on a stock. To be honest, investing today or even waiting a couple of weeks before investing doesn’t really mean much of anything in thinking about where you will be five or six years from now.

As I’ve stated before, we are here to invest for the future. When you think about yourself in relation to your time on the planet, you will begin to notice that world will go on, no matter what. People will still live their lives regardless of what action you take towards your investments. Always remember your personal goals for investing, and you’ll have an easier time of sticking with it.